Allow me to introduce myself. I’m [Your Name], a proud mother of 7 wonderful kids and happily married to Akiva since 2003. My journey into the world of content creation began in 2008 when I started my first blog. It started as a platform for me to share my love for various hobbies like creating, music, crafts, and cooking. Over time, I found a special passion for sewing and began focusing on that aspect in my blog.

As my blog evolved, I transitioned to a WordPress website that is still live today. I started building an email list, regularly connecting with my subscribers by sending updates a few times a week. Alongside my blog, I delved into creating various forms of content, including webinars (nowadays, I would likely opt for live videos), online courses, and writing. One of my memorable accomplishments was developing a series for mothers, encouraging them to engage in creative activities with their kids. To this day, people approach me and express how they discovered me through YouTube.

In 2013, ahead of the curve, I began teaching entrepreneurs how to create online courses. Back then, it was a relatively untapped market, especially in Hebrew, limiting my growth opportunities. However, I persisted, creating an impressive catalog of 140 online courses, accompanied by numerous videos, blog posts, and other content pieces.

Realizing the need to expand my reach and share my knowledge with a broader audience, I made the decision to venture into the English-speaking market. This led to the birth of my new brand, “The Content Game Tips.” Currently, I’m dedicated to providing valuable insights and tips through various channels, enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to navigate the world of content creation successfully.

Join me on this exciting journey as we unlock the potential of content creation together!