Design a Custom QR Code with Adobe Express for free

Design a Custom QR Code with Adobe Express for free

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How to create a QR code with your logo And brand colors in Adobe Express

Creating a QR code with your logo and brand colors can add a personal touch to your promotional materials and make them more visually appealing to your audience. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to create a customized QR code using Adobe Express. So let’s get started!

Open Adobe Express and find the QR code Creation tool

First, open Adobe Express on your device. If you don’t have the app installed, you can easily download it from your app store. Once you’ve opened the app, navigate to the tools section and look for the QR code creation tool. It is usually denoted by an icon that resembles a square with a pattern of black and white squares inside.

Grab the link you want to promote

Next, you need to decide on the link or URL that you want your QR code to direct people to. It could be a website, a social media profile, or any other online destination you wish to promote. Make sure to copy the link so that you can easily paste it later in the process.

Select the desired style for your QR code

Now comes the fun part – selecting the style for your QR code. Adobe Express offers a wide range of pre-designed styles to choose from, making it easy to find one that suits your brand’s aesthetic. Browse through the available options and choose the design that you like the most. Remember that you can always customize the colors later, so focus on finding a style that appeals to you visually.

Go to the color tab to customize the colors

Once you’ve chosen a style, navigate to the color tab in the QR code creation tool. Here, you can customize the colors of your QR code to align with your brand’s visual identity. You can either select from a pre-set color palette or manually input the hex codes of your brand colors. Experiment with different color combinations until you find the perfect match.

Download the QR code PNG file

After you’ve finished customizing the colors, it’s time to download your QR code. Adobe Express allows you to save your QR code as a PNG file, which is a widely supported format for images. Make sure to choose a location on your device where you can easily access the file later.

Start a new project and upload your QR code

Now that you have your customized QR code saved, it’s time to incorporate it into your promotional materials. Open Adobe Express again and start a new project. You can choose a blank canvas or select a template that suits your needs. Once you’ve set up your project, upload the QR code PNG file that you just downloaded.

Change the color using the duotone effect

To make your QR code stand out even more, you can use the duotone effect available in Adobe Express. This effect allows you to apply two colors to your image, creating a visually striking and eye-catching result. Experiment with different color combinations and find the one that enhances your QR code and aligns with your brand.

Add your logo in the center

To further personalize your QR code, you can add your logo in the center of the image. By doing this, you ensure that your brand is not only represented through the colors but also through its visual identity. Resize and position your logo as needed, ensuring that it doesn’t interfere with the scannable area of the QR code.

Test the functionality and size on your phone

Before finalizing your QR code design, it’s crucial to test its functionality and size on your phone. Use a QR code scanning app to scan the code and make sure it directs you to the intended destination. Additionally, check if the size of the QR code is appropriate for scanning. It should be large enough to be easily recognizable by scanning apps but not too large that it takes up too much space in your promotional materials.

Add a title and call to action below the QR code

To provide context and further instructions to your audience, consider adding a title and a call to action below the QR code. The title could be something like “Scan this QR code for more information” or “Unlock exclusive offers by scanning this code.” The call to action should encourage users to engage with the QR code and let them know what they can expect by scanning it. This additional information can increase the likelihood of people actually interacting with your QR code.

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Post your QR code to social media automatically

Once you’ve created your customized QR code, it’s time to share it with the world. Social media platforms offer a great avenue for promoting your QR code, and by using automation tools like SocialBee, you can streamline and simplify the process.

Use a tool like SocialBee to automate your social media posts

SocialBee is a popular social media automation tool that allows you to schedule and publish your posts across various platforms. By automating your social media posts, you can save time and ensure that your QR code reaches your target audience at the most opportune times.

Open SocialBee and choose the category for your post

To get started with SocialBee, open the app or website and navigate to the post scheduler. Here, you can choose the category that best suits your QR code and its promotional campaign. Whether it’s a product launch, a special promotion, or a general brand awareness post, selecting the appropriate category will help SocialBee optimize the distribution of your QR code content.

Upload your QR code image and write the description

Once you’ve selected the category for your post, you can upload your QR code image by clicking on the designated button in the SocialBee interface. Choose the file on your device and let SocialBee process the image. While the image is being processed, you can write a concise and engaging description that accompanies your QR code. Make sure to convey the value proposition of scanning the code and provide any necessary instructions.

Customize the post for each social media platform

Social media platforms have different requirements and formats for posts, so it’s essential to customize your QR code promotion for each platform. SocialBee allows you to tailor your posts to fit the specific needs of each platform, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or others. Take advantage of this feature to optimize your QR code content for maximum engagement.

Publish the post and schedule it for future dates

When you’re satisfied with your QR code promotion post, it’s time to publish it. SocialBee allows you to publish immediately or schedule your post for future dates and times. This flexibility allows you to plan your social media strategy and ensure consistent, timely promotion of your QR code across multiple platforms.

Design a Custom QR Code with Adobe Express for free

Discover other tools for content creation and promotion

Creating and promoting content involves more than just QR codes. To fully unlock your creative potential and reach a wider audience, explore other digital tools and platforms.

Explore Envato Elements for stunning visuals and content creation resources

Envato Elements is a popular platform that offers a wide range of stunning visuals and content creation resources. From stock photos and illustrations to video templates and fonts, Envato Elements provides everything you need to create visually appealing and engaging content. Take some time to browse their extensive library and discover new assets for your content creation journey.

Use Canva to create eye-catching thumbnails

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that allows you to create eye-catching thumbnails, social media posts, and other visual content. It offers a vast selection of templates, fonts, and graphics that you can customize to match your brand’s style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, Canva is a valuable resource for creating professional-looking visuals.

Check out Zazzle, Society6, and Spreadshirt for Print on Demand stores

If you’re interested in selling merchandise or printed materials featuring your brand and designs, consider exploring Print on Demand stores like Zazzle, Society6, and Spreadshirt. These platforms enable you to create and sell custom products without the need for inventory or manufacturing. From t-shirts and mugs to phone cases and wall art, Print on Demand stores offer a convenient way to monetize your creativity.

Learn more about Adobe Express and SocialBee

As you become more comfortable with content creation and promotion, it’s beneficial to dive deeper into the tools you’re using. Take the time to explore the various features and capabilities of Adobe Express and SocialBee. By familiarizing yourself with these tools, you can unlock their full potential and leverage them to enhance your content creation efforts.

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Design a Custom QR Code with Adobe Express for free


Creating a QR code with your logo and brand colors can elevate your promotional materials and make them more visually appealing to your audience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create a customized QR code using Adobe Express and promote it effectively with tools like SocialBee. Additionally, by exploring other content creation and promotion tools, you can expand your creative capabilities and reach a broader audience. So, unlock your creativity, discover new tools, and start engaging your audience with visually stunning QR codes!

Discover more about the Design a Custom QR Code with Adobe Express for free.

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