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How to Edit Text in InVideo AI Videos (Step-by-Step)

Editing the Script in InVideo AI

InVideo AI is software that makes videos with AI. 

You give it a prompt, and it gives you a video with a script, music, and an AI voice for narration. But what if you want to change the text of the script? 

In this video, we will see together how to edit it. 

First, get into InVideo and create the video. 

If you want to change the video script, you can ask the AI to do it for you. 

In the box under the video, you can ask the AI to change the text. 

You should explain what you want to change.

 From my experience, it is important to ask for one task every time. 

If you don’t like the changes, you can go to the edit button and do more editing by yourself. 

You have three tabs; go to the edit script tab. Now you have all of the text. Just change the text to whatever you like in the box. 

Splitting Text and Adding Media

If you want to delete a scene, then just delete the text, and it will delete the whole scene. 

After you make changes, you need to click on the “apply changes” button, and it will change what you asked for. 

After it is changed, it is a good idea to go back to the edit script and see if the changes were made. 

If you don’t like what it did for you, you can always click on the button to go back to the previous edits, and you are okay to continue.

 Now let’s see how you can add or split the text because it is not that intuitive, and from the testing I made, the AI is not understanding the splitting things. 

If you want to add video to the scene because it is too long or if you want to change the music, you need to use the chapters. Go to edit. You have an option there to add a chapter. 

If your video is short, probably you have only one chapter, but if your video is long, then maybe you will have a few chapters. Go to the chapter you want to split and click on the three dots on the right side, in the same line as the name of the chapter. 

You have options there to duplicate the chapter, add another chapter before this chapter or after, and delete the chapter. 

If you want to split the first sentence or the last sentence, then just add a chapter before or after this chapter depending on the sentence you want to change. 

Then copy the text you want to split to the first box. 

Then delete the part of the sentence you want to change, and now you have split the video.

 If you want to make any changes, then you will get a black screen, and the narrator will be the same as the previous one.

If you want to add media, then click on the plus button and find “add media.” Click on it. You can only click on it if you don’t have any media. Now add some keywords so it will find a matching video for you. Next, click on “apply changes,” and it will split the text.

 If you have a sentence that you want to split but it is not at the beginning of the chapter, you need to do it differently. 

First, click on “duplicate chapter,” where the text you want to change is. Next, delete the text that is double in both chapters. Now you can add the text you want to split. The first half of the sentence will be in the top chapter as the last sentence, and the second half-sentence will be in the second chapter at the beginning.

Just make sure to change the text in the media; otherwise, you will have the wrong video in this sentence. 

If you want to change the music in the middle of the video, then you also need to split the chapters in the same way. 

I don’t know why it is so complicated to delete, split, or move things around. Maybe they will make changes in the future. This is also the 2.0 version of the InVideo AI, so stay tuned for more videos about version 2.0. If you want to know how to change narrators and how it works, then click on the video on the screen now. Like and subscribe for more, and I will see you next time.

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