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Invideo AI 2.0: Is it Less Glitchy and More Engaging Now?pen_spark

Invideo AI seems like a dream come true, right? Throw in some ideas and let the AI do the video-making magic! Well, many of us tried the older version (1.0) and it wasn’t quite there yet. It could be frustrating!

  • The Freeze Factor: Sometimes Invideo AI would just get stuck thinking, leaving you hanging. Not exactly a smooth workflow.
  • Video Mismatch: The videos chosen often didn’t really fit the topic you gave it. Imagine building a video about baking cookies and getting stock footage of a car race!
  • Limited Editing: While the idea of AI doing the edits was nice, in reality, it felt like you had very little control. You kind of had to hope the AI “got it” and made something interesting. Often, it ended up being easier to just use regular editing software.

Invideo AI just released version 2.0. Let’s see if they’ve addressed these issues. While you might not have complete control over every detail yet, hopefully, it’s a step towards creating engaging videos without the glitches and mismatched footage! We’ll explore the new features and see if Invideo AI 2.0 makes video creation a more enjoyable experience.

Here are the new features Invideo AI 2.0 is offering:’

Is Invideo AI v2.0 multilingual now?

One of the exciting new features of Invideo AI 2.0 is the ability to create videos in 50 different languages. This is a big leap forward from the previous version, which was limited to English only.

You can now create videos that can reach a global audience. No matter where your viewers are located, you can share your message with them in their native language.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re creating a cooking tutorial about making the perfect pizza. With Invideo AI 2.0, you can generate the video in Italian, Spanish, or even Japanese! This allows you to connect with a wider audience who might be interested.

Can Invideo AI 2.0 create video dialogues?

Another interesting addition to Invideo AI 2.0 is the ability to incorporate multiple voiceovers within a single video. This means you can ditch the monotone narration and create videos with conversations, interviews, or even different characters telling your story.

In Invideo AI v1.0 You were stuck with a single voiceover option, which could make your videos feel a bit flat.

Now, Invideo AI 2.0 lets you choose from up to 6 different voiceovers for a single video. This opens up creative possibilities! Imagine creating a product review where you have one voice discussing the features and another voice chiming in with personal experiences.

Invideo AI 2.0 introduces a new feature: voice cloning!

This exciting new addition allows you to take your videos to a whole new level of personalization. Here’s how it works:

  • Record Your Voice: Invideo AI 2.0 lets you upload a short recording of your own voice. This provides the AI with a sample of your unique speaking style and tone.
  • The AI Learns Your Voice: Once you’ve uploaded your recording, the AI gets to work! It analyzes your voice sample, learning the nuances of your speech patterns and pronunciation.
  • Your Voice, In Your Videos: With your voice sample analyzed, Invideo AI 2.0 can now generate a synthetic voice that closely resembles your own. This means you can use your own voice to narrate your videos, even if you’re not comfortable being on camera!

This feature opens doors for creators who might not want to appear on camera but still want their videos to have a personal touch. It also allows you to experiment with different narration styles without having to re-record your voice countless times.

Does Invideo AI 2.0 offer more control over audio?

Invideo AI 1.0 offered music, but it wasn’t exactly user-friendly. The AI would pick a track, and if you weren’t happy with it, you were stuck in a loop. You had to keep requesting the AI to generate new options until you stumbled upon something suitable. Imagine trying on clothes at a store, but the salesperson picks everything and you can’t browse or try things on yourself!

There was also no way to adjust the volume in version 1.0. The AI-chosen music could be overbearing, drowning out your voiceover or sound effects, and you had no control over it.

Thankfully, Invideo AI 2.0 gives you much more freedom over the soundtrack of your videos:

  • Music Library Access: Ditch the guessing game! Invideo AI 2.0 offers a larger music library that you can actually explore. This allows you to browse and select the perfect track that complements your video’s style and message.
  • Independent Volume Control: Once you’ve chosen your music, you’re not stuck with its default volume. Invideo AI 2.0 lets you adjust the music volume independently. This means you can ensure it sets the right atmosphere without overpowering your voiceover or important sound effects.

With these features, Invideo AI 2.0 allows you to create a more polished and professional-sounding video by giving you more control over the audio experience. You’re no longer at the mercy of the AI’s musical whims and can finally fine-tune the volume to create the perfect balance.

Pacing it Out with Pause Control

Ever feel like your videos move a bit too fast? Information gets whizzed by, leaving viewers confused or overwhelmed. Invideo AI 1.0 didn’t offer much control over the pacing of your video.

Invideo AI 2.0 steps in with a new and helpful feature: pause control! This allows you to take back the reins and strategically insert pauses throughout your video for maximum impact. Here’s how it works:

  • Silence Speaks Volumes: With pause control, you can add pauses at specific points in your video. This strategic use of silence can be incredibly effective for:
    • Dramatic Effect: A well-timed pause can build suspense or anticipation, keeping your viewers hooked.
    • Information Absorption: Pauses can give viewers a chance to catch their breath and process the information you’re presenting. This is especially helpful for complex topics or fast-paced visuals.
  • Control the Flow: By using pause control, you can dictate the overall pacing of your video. This allows you to create a more engaging and impactful viewing experience for your audience.
  • Insert the Pause: At the specific point in your script where you want a pause, simply type the word “(pause)” within brackets.

Expanded Character Limit

Invideo AI 1.0 had limitations in how much detail you could provide about your video concept. This often resulted in the AI generating a video that didn’t quite match your vision.

Invideo AI 2.0 addresses this by significantly increasing the character limit for your script. This means:

  • More Room for Specificity: With a limit of 25,000 characters, you can now provide a much more detailed description of your video concept.
  • Clearer Communication: This expanded space allows you to outline the key points you want to convey, specify the desired tone and style of your video, and even offer specific instructions for the AI regarding visuals and transitions.
  • Improved Results: By providing the AI with more information about your vision, Invideo AI 2.0 can better understand your needs and generate a video that aligns more closely with your expectations.

In essence, the increased scriptwriting capabilities in Invideo AI 2.0 allow for clearer communication between you and the AI, leading to video creations that are a more accurate reflection of your initial ideas.

More Script Control & Faster Clip Searching

It has some improvments to make creating videos easier!

Here’s the good stuff:

  • Writing is easier: You can now write much more about your video idea, like exactly what you want to say and how you want it to look. This helps the AI understand you better and create a video closer to what you have in mind.
  • Finding stuff is faster: Looking for specific video clips to use in your project seems to be easier in the new version. This saves you time when putting your video together.
  • More control over the script: You have a bit more control over the script you write for your video.

Here’s something to keep in mind:

  • It might still be tricky to use: Even with the new features, creating videos with Invideo AI 2.0 might not always be super easy. There might be some things that feel confusing or hard to figure out.

Invideo AI 2.0: Progress, But Still Room to Grow

Invideo AI 2.0 brings some new features to the table, making it easier to write detailed descriptions for your video concept and find video clips within the editor. This can be helpful for creating content quickly.

However, it’s important to be realistic about Invideo AI’s capabilities. While it’s improving, creating high-quality videos with a lot of control might still be easier with other tools like Pictory. Pictory offers a more mature platform with more control over various aspects of your video. (Try Pictory Free for 14 Days & Get 20% Off with Code TCCT20)

Here’s the bottom line: Invideo AI 2.0 can be a good option for someone who wants to create quick video content with the help of AI and stock footage. Just remember, it’s not perfect yet, and the AI-generated videos might not be flawless. But hey, with continued development, things are bound to improve over time!

Try It Yourself: See how the improved scripting and search features can streamline your video creation process. Sign up for a free Invideo AI account today!

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