“Is it a good idea to create a meditation channel on YouTube in 2024?”

This is a very good question I received on this video:

Question: If the copyright is removed from a video that contains long music without narration, can the channel make a profit?

My answer: It is hard for me to know because it all depends on YouTube’s decision. If it is stock footage and music that you didn’t create, then probably they will consider it as duplicated content, and therefore, they might not monetize the channel. Also, you should know that even if they do approve it, the RPM is very low on this kind of video.

Question: thanks for your answer but on SocialBlade I have seen channels making a huge profit. Is this because they post a long video, about 3 hours?

My answer: Remember, this is my opinion based on experience and mostly from my research, so you need to do your research. But in my opinion Social Blade, it’s a website that assumes a lot of things and provides information based on those assumptions. I’ve watched many YouTubers show their analytics with Social Blade, and it was not even close to the real results they had. You can also read in the VidIQ blog about the types of channels that will not get monetized based on the YouTube help website.

The way I would conduct such research is as follows: Look at the channel about page and check when it was established. If it’s more than 2 years old, I would not include it in my research because things were very different 2 years ago.

Next, if it’s less than 2 years old, and if you have VidIQ (download for free from here), you can see if someone’s channel is monetized. Sometimes, you see ads before the video, but the channel is not monetized, so YouTube collects 100% of the profit.

If both of these parameters are right, less than 2 years and monetized, then, check the kind of videos they make; some musicians or filmmakers use YouTube to promote their music or footage.

You can see in the description if they direct you to buy their music or if it is music from stock websites. If you find that the videos have original music or original footage, then this channel is not the kind you intended to create, and therefore, you can’t include that in the research.

Now for the analytics Go to the “About” section and see how many views they had over the entire time the channel was open. Then, look at the analytics you get from VidIQ; you can see exactly how many views they had this month and the whole history of the channel. If you find they have the same amount of views as the older channel, you have proof that this might work.

Repeat this process 10 times.

Find 10 channels that are less than 2 years old, that do exactly what you want to do (there are tons of them). See if they are monetized by YouTube, if they use music and video from stock websites or if it is original, and if they have enough views each month like the older ones and also enough subscribers. If you find 10 channels like this, you can go with your idea. If not, you can know that this will not work.


A note from me:

This is my opinion on the topic. You should do your research, and if needed, ask someone who has done exactly what you want to do to guide you to success. I have never made meditation videos because I don’t see any profit in them. It is very easy to do, and because you see a lot of videos telling you how to do it. Everyone can do it too, and everyone is doing it, so it is very saturated.

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