Boosting Views with TubeBuddy: My Personal Experience and Favorite Tools

TubeBuddy helped me get more views, not just through their SEO search topics but also with unique tools that saved me time.

Many small details can boost your views by adding them to your video description, like using chapters. At first, I knew adding chapters was important, but it took too much time.

However, after I started using TubeBuddy‘s chapters tool and added it to all my videos, I began to see a big increase in views. This tool is really helpful.

Another tool that has been a big help is the “find and replace” feature. When I needed to update old links in my videos, instead of going through over a hundred videos manually, I could do it with just a click.

The title generator is another great tool. It’s not like the titles I get from ChatGPT, which are very AI-centric. After finalizing my title, I use this tool to generate variations. This has been a game-changer, providing me with excellent title ideas that I can switch up.

All these tools together help me get more done and tackle tasks that I used to find boring. These tools are just part of what TubeBuddy offers. You can explore more in this tutorial playlist.

Most of these tools are available with the Legend subscription, which I pay for each month. Currently, they have a 30% discount on all their plans.

What I like is that with their sales, you lock in that discounted payment each month as long as you remain in their plan. While there is a debate about whether TubeBuddy or VidIQ is better, I believe TubeBuddy offers a lot of productivity tools that ultimately contribute to increased views and are very unique to TubeBuddy. If your focus is solely on getting ideas for trending videos, VidIQ might be a better fit, although TubeBuddy’s sales, with a long-lasting discount, make it a compelling choice.

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